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Contact us on

+44 (0)151 420 2829

Bi Ethanol Plants

ABM’s blend of Multi Disciplinary Design and Implementation Skills provide a unique facility to assist companies to develop innovative new technology systems and plant for a range of new products including the Bio Ethanol Industry.

We are currently working on 2 off projects within this industry where our design skills have meant that we were able to offer our client assistance in developing a complete system from the initial design through to the final solution.

System One

This involves the Design of the new Control Software and Electrical Panel and Field Wiring aspects of the project and because of our process knowledge we were able to assist with the complete design in order to come up with best overall solution for the client.

System Two

ABM were approached by our clients to help them design a new plant, which had been developed at the laboratory stage, up into a Functional Full Size Production Unit.

This design includes all aspects of the project including, Civils, Process & Services Pipework, Panel & Field Wiring, Equipment Specification, Control System and Project Management of the whole installation.

This plant has also been designed to allow the client to optimise the process during the testing phase to ensure that the client is able to maximise the benefits derived from this new unique development.