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Press Release – ABM Ltd & APV Accos Experience

ABM’s experience of supplying and commissioning Accos based control systems, ( Accos 2S and Accos 30 ) is very well developed with systems varying from small plant modifications to the supply of complete Process Automation packages using the powerful Accos 30 as the Control System.

ABM has provided Accos based systems in the following areas:

  • Routing
  • Blending
  • Fermentation
  • Pasteurisation
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place)
  • Distillery Automation
  • Effluent Monitoring & Control

As a Systems Integrator we are able to use our Accos experience and resources to provide the following customer services :

  • Systems hardware and software development
  • System Simulation including I/O simulation cards
  • Training either on-site or at ABM’s offices
  • Telephone Support via our HELP DESK or via MODEM LINK to Site

Recent Applications

The following examples are some of the more recent ABM Accos applications successfully installed :

Distillery Application
Design, Supply and Commissioning of a complete Control & MIS System for a New Grains Distillery.
This included Grain Handling, Mashing ( Brewhouse) ,Washbacks ( Fermentation ), Distillation and Plant Services including all CIP.
Supply of Equipment included Control Panels, Accos 30 Process Control Equipment, ABM designed SCADA package, and Kent Commander Instrumentation.
On-Site Commissioning and Training were also supplied.

Daniel Thwaies, Blackburn
Supply of an ABM fermentation Control System with Accos equipment.
This project also included the Installation of Control Panels, Instrumentation and Cabling.

Ruislip Dairy, London
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of an extension to an existing Accos 30 Control and Information Systems with an interface to existing Accos 2S I/O.
ABM are currently providing further system additions for Effluent monitoring and control.

Northern Dairies, Manchester
Design, Supply and Installation of a new Accos 30 I/O Control Panel and Cabling system to facilitate the expansion of the existing Milk Treatment plant.
ABM also provided the cable schedules and wiring documentation.
Design supply and installation of new finished milk storage tanks c/w product routing.
This system was integrated into the existing Accos 30 central system.

Fenstanton Dairy, Cambridge
Upgrade of an existing Accos 30 Control System and OGS ( SCADA ) to include for a new Tetra – Pak filler.
Additional modifications provided for yet another filler.

Birds Eye Wall’s Phoenix Plant, Gloucester.
Upgrade of existing Accos 30 System with additional 2S I/O to provide Tanking – In and CIP facilities for a new Ice Cream product.
This project involved integrating the above upgrade with the existing site Services and CIP system and other Accos controlled production micros.
On-site commissioning services were also provided by ABM.

Baby Food Plant, Kendal
Design and implementation of an Accos Software Training Programme for engineering personnel.
This involved the development of two courses, A Beginners Course and an Advanced Course.

Simmons Farson CISK, Brewery malta
Supply of software engineer to modify existing Accos Paracode previously supplied by others and incorporate improvements.
Modify OGS code to match the Paracode.

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